Medieval Weaponry

Today’s post is about the weapons each side used in the Peasants’ Revolt. What makes this battle particularly interesting is that it was not between two armies, but between the upper class (nobility and royalty) who had control of militias, and the lower class (the peasants) who mainly had to organize themselves and use whatever they could find.

The militia controlled by the upper class used many typical medieval weapons. Their infantry equipped themselves with swords, axes, maces, bows, etc… One interesting example of medieval weaponry is the halberd, which is basically the offspring of a pike and an axe. It’s a 6 foot spear shaft fitted with a short, broad axe blade and a spear point. This was obviously a very difficult weapon to wield, but it was very intimidating on the battlefield.

As for the peasants, they were not as lucky. Since peasants didn’t have access to swords, they had to make do with what they could find. This included staffs and other small knives, but interestingly enough, it included farm implements as well. Some peasants fought with sickles, others with shovels, and still others with pitchforks.

Oh, and those last three weapons? Those will be on the chess board this year at the Sarasota Medieval Fair! Make sure you don’t miss it, those will certainly be interesting fights.

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