The Year Is 1381, And The Stage Is Set For Revolution…

The peasants are always rebelling against royalty, but only this rebellion earned the title “The Peasants’ Revolt”. Discontent has been spreading throughout the land as King Richard II and his regent John of Gaunt oppress the peasants by tripling the poll tax and preventing them from working where they want. The peasants have had enough! When the king’s tax collector visited the village of Fobbing, the peasants refused to pay the outrageous tax and sent him away empty handed. After the tax collector reported his failure and the rebellion of the peasants, Chief Justice Robert Belknap himself went to investigate the incident and punish the dissenters, but before he could make it to Fobbing, peasants from the village of Brentwood attacked him


Violence is spreading through England and a few men have risen to the ranks of leaders: John Ball, Jack Straw, and the “king of the peasants”, Wat Tyler. Peasants are tired of royalty bossing them around and they have rallied behind these three great men to march on London and demand their rights!


However, the royalty will not take this sitting down. They’re making plans behind closed doors in London, planning ways to put down the peasants once and for all. Will the peasants evade the cunning of English royalty, or are they marching into a trap? Find out this year at the Sarasota Medieval Fair!

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