“Negotiations” With The King

Last week, the peasants stormed London and got the attention of the king, who met them one day for negotiations. The day after, at Smithfield, the peasants arranged further negotiations with the king. However, this time, the meeting did not go according to plan. Wat Tyler rode ahead to talk to the king and his party, and then things started going horribly wrong.

Death of Wat Tyler

According to the king’s chroniclers, Tyler behaved rather belligerently and called for a drink in a most rude fashion after dismounting his horse. In the resulting dispute, Tyler drew his dagger and in response, William Walworth (the Lord Mayor of London) drew his sword and attacked Tyler, wounding him in the neck, and then Sir John Cavendish (one of the King’s knights) drew his sword and ran it through Tyler’s stomach, killing him almost instantly.

Naturally, the rebel army was outraged upon seeing Tyler surrounded by the king’s entourage, but King Richard cleverly defused the situation by shouting “You shall have no captain but me”, which was deliberately ambiguous, since he claimed to have knighted Tyler (which would put Tyler under the king, thus making the king “the captain”).

Those poor peasants, they didn’t know what was coming next. Fortunately for you, you’ll get to find out next week.

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