Sir Bors

Bors was the cousin of Lancelot, and he supported Lancelot against Arthur during the conflict between the two. Sir Bors was the only knight to survive the Quest for the Holy Grail and return to court. His father’s name was Bors, and he later succeeded his father as King of Gannes. Bors was a chaste knight, but the daughter of King Brandegoris fell in love with him, and with the aid of a magic ring forced Bors into loving her.

As a result of this union, Bors became the father of Elyan the White, later Emperor of Constantinople. Bors undertook the Quest for the Holy Grail along with Galahad and Perceval, and was the only one of the three to return to Britain. After the death of Lancelot, Bors returned to the Holy Land where he died fighting in the Crusades.

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