Return From Avalon

Arthur and his knights of the round table are the stuff of legends, and at this year’s Sarasota Medieval Fair, those legends come to life! Merlin has used his considerable magical power and influence to bring back Arthur and his knights from the brink of immortality, and returned them from the mists of Avalon to our world so they may once again walk among us. Time has passed for them, allowing old wounds to heal and transgressions to be forgotten… or have they? Perhaps as they remember what it is like to live again, they will begin to remember what it was once like in their former lives.  Old alliances reforged, old flames rekindled, old rivalries reheated.

From his contentious birth and upbringing, to the sword Excalibur, to Guinevere and Camelot, Arthur’s life and reign have been told and retold across the ages. His loyal knights and their quests, the treachery of Morgana, and Arthur’s conflict with his own son Mordrid… all has been told and retold. But after a lifetime of legend and an epic death, what is left for Arthur, Lancelot, Galahad, Percival, Gawain, Bors, Daganet, Gareth, and the rest?

Perhaps the epilogue to eternity is left for you to author? Come join us on November  13, 14, 20 and 21 to live the dream!

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